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Pefc Oak Timber & Fsc Oak Timber - Architectural Joinery, Surrey, UK


Architectural Joinery is a company aware of it’s responsibility to the environment, we never purchase timber which isn’t from a properly managed or sustained source. We actively promote timber with F.S.C. or P.E.F.C. Certification.

We minimise packaging on all our products and recycle our wood shavings for farm and animal bedding.
Our small off cuts of timber are used locally as kindling for open fires, waste is kept to a minimum throughout our production.

Timber is a renewable organic resource and if harvested from well managed woodland, provides a sustainable product.

So when you buy timber from us you can be assured that you are using a company with a conscience for not harming the environment.

It is down to each individual whether Company Director, Architect, House Builder or Home Owner to be considerate to the environment we live in and make informed choices in the products we all buy .

  Sustainable resorce   Managed woodland   Sustainable resorce   Harvested from well managed woodland