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Osmo maintenance kit

Osmo maintenance kit

Osmo maintenance kit has all the products to maintain your hardwood floor in a box.

Osmo wash and care
Simply add to water and wipe the floor with a moist cloth or mop to clean and freshen your Hardwood floor.

Osmo wash and care does not leave a film on the surface and can be used as necessary without leaving smears on tour Hardwood floor.

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner
Osmo Liquid wax cleaner can be used to make invisible local repairs to your Hardwood floor, just spray the damaged area and using the polishing cloth supplied you can repair the area.

For more stubborn stains use in conjunction with the polishing pad.

Polishing Pad
For removing stubborn marks on floor, can be used in conjunction with Osmo liquid Wax Cleaner.

Polishing Cloths
Cloths used in conjunction with Osmo liquid wax cleaner.


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